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Famous on-field takedowns

Marlins veteran reliever Will Ohman has seen his share of intense and interesting on field altercations through the years.

terrytate1.jpgOn Sept. 1, there was high drama at Sun Life Stadium when the Marlins and Nationals went at it after Nyjer Morgan charged pitcher Chris Volstad. Both benches cleared and the rest has become history.

The way Gaby Sanchez knocked down Morgan with a clothes-line move reminded Ohman of an incident at Wrigley Field in 2007.

That afternoon, Cubs reliever Bob Howry, who stands 6-foot-5, 220-pounds, gave up a home run. An upset fan jumped onto the field and approached Howry, who is someone not to mess with.

Before the pitcher could react, a Wrigley Field security guard made a memorable takedown.

“Nyjer is definitely quicker than the fan,” Ohman said. “But the open field tackles were very similar, Gaby’s to the security guard at Wrigley Fan.”

“I didn’t even notice him until, as soon as I turned around, the [guard] clothes-lined him and took him down,” Howry told reporters in Chicago that day.

terrytate3.jpgOhman recalls the fan racing to the mound in Wrigley Field: “He ran out to the mound just drunk as a skunk yelling, ‘What are you doing?’ The next thing you know, he was plowed as if it were Terry Tate Office Linebacker.”

The Terry Tate reference dates back to the 2003 Super Bowl when Reebok aired a series of short comedy TV commercials featuring a linebacker taking on an enforcer role in an office setting. Anyone steps out of line, “Terrible” Terry Tate was there to put things back in order.

As for the fan dropped by Wrigley Security, Ohman said: “It was unbelievable. Middle of the field. Clear shot. And he picked the worst guy on our team to try to rumble with. It was Bob Howry who would have like cattle driven him into the ground.”

— Joe Frisaro

Angels in the bullpen

With the season winding down, it’s that time of year again where rookies have to pay their dues and honor the age old baseball tradition of dressing in embarrassing attire.

Some call it rookie hazing. Others see it as just good fun.

rookies9-9.jpgTypically, entire rookie classes must go through some sort of ritual. The Marlins relievers are getting some extra treatment from the veterans. Starting in Philadelphia and continuing through the end of the season, the rookie relievers are walking out to the bullpen dressed in angle wings and halos.

Rookie relievers Jay Buente, Jose Ceda and Chris Leroux certainly heard their share of heckling from the crowd at Citizens Bank Park.

“I’d say initially getting out there is kind of embarrassing, but once you’re out there, you get used to hearing at all the fans yelling at you all at one time,” said Buente, who wasn’t sure if he should remove the halo during the national anthem. “You couldn’t really hear any one single fan.”

Seeing the 6-foot-4, 275-pound Ceda, the Phillies Phanatic came up and gave the reliever a big hug.

“My highlight was seeing Jose Ceda hug the mascot,” Leroux. “That was my highlight.”

One Marlin, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Ceda hugging the mascot looked like two mascots hugging each other.”

The idea of wings and halos was a brainstorm of veteran Wes Helms.

Will Ohman, a veteran in the bullpen, says the rookies will wear their outfits for the rest of the season, so fans at Sun Life Stadium and other markets will be able to see the costumes.

All rookies go through some special routine. When Ohman was a rookie, he dressed as a cowgirl.

Later in the season, the position players will get into the act.

Ohman noted that since relievers don’t sit in the dugout during the games, they have to do their own special bonding in the pen.

Buente noted that he is having fun with it, because it beats the alternative — not being with a big league club in September.

— Joe Frisaro


Ohman, Cordero on radar

Florida continues to have interest in left-handed reliever Will Ohman, who looks like he will not return to the Braves.

Speculation that Ohman could sign with the Marlins surfaced recently on For the right price, the lefty could wind up in Florida.

Early reports said Ohman is seeking $1.5 million, but the thinking is he could be obtained for less. The question is whether the Marlins decide to put their limited financial resources into a situational lefty, or do they still hold out hope of signing catcher Ivan Rodriguez?

Adding a lefty to the bullpen is something the team is exploring. Renyel Pinto, expected to make the team, has been sick the past couple of days.

The Marlins also recently attended a workout to watch right-handed reliever Chad Cordero. About 15 teams observed Cordero, who is battling back from a right shoulder problem. The reports are Cordero likely won’t be ready until perhaps the second half. His fastball was clocked around 80 mph, and the ball wasn’t coming out of his hand like it did when he was healthy pitching for Washington.

— Joe Frisaro