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JJ to throw three innings

VIERA, Fla. — Marlins ace Josh Johnson, who will pitch in the April 1 season opener, is expected to throw three innings or around 55 pitches on Wednesday against the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium.

Greg Dobbs was supposed to be the designated hitter, but he was scratched because of a sore knee. Dobbs was shaken up on Tuesday when he had a collision at first base. He should be fine.

The Nationals are starting lefty John Lannan.


1) Omar Infante, 2B

2) Dewayne Wise, CF

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS

4) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

5) John Buck, C

6) Wes Helms, 3B

7) Scott Cousins, RF

8) Bryan Petersen, LF

9) John Raynor, DH


1) Roger Bernadina, CF

2) Rick Ankiel, LF

3) Laynce Nix, RF

4) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

5) Adam LaRoche, DH

6) Jesus Flores, C

7) Jerry Hairston, 2B

8) Alex Cora, SS

9) Michael Aubrey, 1B

Joe Frisaro

Marlins-Nationals lineups

Strasburg vs. Nolasco.

It’s one of the best pitching matchups of the season, and it gets underway in the first game of the second half for the Marlins.

Ricky Nolasco has won four straight for the Marlins, who draw the Nationals on Friday night. Rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg, with his 100 mph fastball, takes the mound for Washington.

The lone lineup change the Marlins are making is swapping Dan Uggla with Jorge Cantu. Uggla will bat fourth, with Cantu sliding to fifth.







1) Nyjer Morgan, CF

2) Cristian Guzman, 2B

3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4) Adam Dunn, 1B

5) Josh Willingham, LF

6) Ivan Rodriguez, C

7) Roger Bernadina, RF

8) Ian Desmond, SS

9) Stephen Strasburg, P







1) Chris Coghlan, LF

2) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS

4) Dan Uggla, 2B

5) Jorge Cantu, 3B

6) Cody Ross, CF

7) Mike Stanton, RF

8) Ronny Paulino, C

9) Ricky Nolasco, P

— Joe Frisaro


Marlins-Nationals lineups Saturday

The Marlins and Nationals play their second of three games on Saturday afternoon at Nationals Park. Florida won 4-2 on Friday.

Josh Johnson gets the start for the Marlins, while the Nationals are going with lefty Matt Chico.

Before the game, the Marlins flipped Brett Carroll and Cody Ross in the field, not in the order. Carroll is playing right field to better take advantage of his strong arm. Ross is making his first start of the season in left field. 







1) Cameron Maybin, CF

2) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS

4) Jorge Cantu, 3B

5) Dan Uggla, 2B

6) Ronny Paulino, C

7) Cody Ross, LF

8) Brett Carroll, RF

9) Josh Johnson, P







1) Cristian Guzman, SS

2) Adam Kennedy, 2B

3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4) Adam Dunn, 1B

5) Josh Willingham, LF

6) Willie Harris, RF

7) Roger Bernadina, CF

8) Wil Nieves, C

9) Matt Chico, P


— Joe Frisaro


Marlins-Nationals lineups

The Marlins and Nationals will square off on Tuesday afternoon at Roger Dean Stadium. Chris Volstad and Garrett Mock will be the starting pitchers for the 1:05 p.m. ET contest.







1) Nyjer Morgan, CF

Prezraces.jpg2) Cristian Guzman, SS

3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4) Adam Dunn, 1B

5) Mike Morse, LF

6) Adam Kennedy, 2B

7) Ivan Rodriguez, C

8) Willy Taveras, CF

9) Garrett Mock, P







1) Chris Coghlan, LF

marlinschampring.jpg2) Cameron Maybin, CF

3) Dan Uggla, 2B

4) Mike Lamb, 3B

5) Ronny Paulino, C

6) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

7) Bryan Petersen, RF

8) Brian Barden, SS

9) Chris Volstad, P

— Joe Frisaro


Marlins lineups for Tuesday

The Marlins have a split-squad day on Tuesday, with half the team in Viera to face the Nationals, and the other half in Lake Buena Vista to take on the Braves.

Hanley Ramirez, who missed Monday due to a tight right groin, was in the lineup against the Braves.

Jorge Cantu, who has been recovering from flu-like symptoms, stayed back in Jupiter.

Mike Lamb, meanwhile, was scheduled to start at first base against the Braves. But he was scratched with an upset stomach. Gaby Sanchez instead made the start.

Lineup vs. Nationals:







1) Jai Miller, CF

2) Brian Barden, SS

3) Dan Uggla, 2B

4) Logan Morrison, 1B

5) Cody Ross, RF

6) Brett Carroll, LF

7) Jorge Jimenez, 3B

8) Brett Hayes, C

9) Rick VandenHurk, P







1) Willy Taveras, CF

2) Willie Harris, RF

3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4) Adam Dunn, 1B

5) Kevin Mench, LF

6) Pete Orr, 2B

7) Danny Espinosa, SS

8) Wil Nieves, C

9) Craig Stammen, P








1) Chris Coghlan, LF

2) Brian Petersen, CF

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS

4) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

5) Ronny Paulino, C

6) Wes Helms, 3B

7) Scott Cousins, RF

8) Emilio Bonifacio, 2B

9) Josh Johnson, P

— Joe Frisaro





Marlins-Nationals lineups

The Marlins take on the Nationals on Saturday night in the second of three games at Land Shark Stadium.
Here are the complete lineups
1) Willie Harris, CF
2) Ian Desmond, SS
3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
4) Adam Dunn, 1B
5) Josh Willingham, LF
6) Elijah Dukes, RF
7) Josh Bard, C
8) Alberto Gonzalez, 2B
9) Marco Estrada, P
1) Chris Coghlan, LF
2) Nick Johnson, 1B
3) Hanley Ramirez, SS
4) Jorge Cantu, 3B
5) John Baker, C
6) Dan Uggla, 2B
7) Cody Ross, RF
8) Cameron Maybin, CF
9) Anibal Sanchez, P
HP Jim Reynolds
1B Chad Fairchild
2B Bill Welke
3B Tim Welke

Nunez's new approach

Opponents have detected a pattern with Leo Nunez.

Scouting reports are out, and teams seem to be sitting on first-pitch fastballs. That was the case in the Marlins’ 5-4 loss to the Nationals on Sunday.

Nunez entered in the ninth inning trying to preserve a two-run lead. But the inning started off with Willie Harris teeing off on a first-pitch fastball. The end result was an upper-deck home run to right field.

Cristian Guzman followed with a first-pitch approach. The only pitch Guzman saw he swatted for an infield single. Ryan Zimmerman delivered a two-run, walk-off homer, but it came on Nunez’s third pitch.

On Sept. 2, Nunez also surrendered a home run on his first pitch of the ninth inning. That game, Yunel Escobar sat first-pitch fastball and connected.

“The last few games I feel like they’ve been timing up that first-pitch fastball,” Nunez said through a translater. “In these next games, I have in my mind to vary my pitches a little more.”

In July at San Diego, Kyle Blanks of the Padres opened the ninth inning by homering on Nunez’s first-pitch fastball.

“I feel like it’s been the last three games or so they’ve been jumping on that first pitch,” the Marlins closer said. “But I still have to come in there and challenge guys.”

— Joe Frisaro




Scoring change helps Hanley

Hanley Ramirez was awarded a hit on Wednesday even before he played in a game.

A scoring change from Tuesday night worked in the Marlins shortstop’s favor. In the first inning on Tuesday, Ramirez hit a hard grounder to third base, and the tough hop wasn’t snared cleanly by Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman.

Zimmerman collected the ball, and threw wild to Nick Johnson at first base. Initially, Zimmerman was charged with two errors on the play. The first allowing Ramirez to reach, and the wild throw, enabled him to advance to second base. Emilio Bonifacio scored on the play.

Zimmerman also had a third error in the game on Tuesday. But the change in scoring reduced that number to two.

Ramirez, meanwhile, now has been credited with three hits on Tuesday.

Washington starter Craig Stammen now has been charged with seven hits allowed, not six. The change didn’t affect any earned runs.

— Joe Frisaro


Tuesdays lineups vs. Nationals

Jeremy Hermida was back in the starting lineup with Washington going with right-hander Craig Stammen.

Here’s the lineups for Florida and Washington at Land Shark Stadium:


1) Coghlan, LF

2) Bonifacio, 3B

3) Hanley, SS

4) Cantu, 1B

5) Hermida, RF

6) Uggla, 2B

7) Ross, CF

8) Baker, C

9) West, P


1) Guzman, SS

2) Johnson, 1B

3) Zimmerman, 3B

4) Dunn, LF

5) Willingham, RF

6) Dukes, CF

7) Gonzalez, 2B

8) Nieves, C

9) Stammen, P

— Joe Frisaro


Monday scoring change

A day after recording his first win of the season, Ricky Nolasco’s ERA jumped by a run-and-a-half, and he didn’t even throw a pitch.

An error originally charged to third baseman Emilio Bonifacio in the sixth inning on Monday was changed to a double for Ryan Zimmerman.

The play in question was a line drive by Zimmerman that glanced off the glove of Bonifacio, who was battling the sun. The ball went into the left-field corner for two bases.

Adam Dunn followed with a three-run homer. So the change has altered Nolasco’s line.

Initially, Nolasco was charged for four earned runs (five total) on six hits in six innings. Now, Nolasco’s line is five earned runs on seven hits. His ERA rises to 7.50, instead of 6.00.

— Joe Frisaro