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Mets Manuel fined

The Marlins asked MLB to look into the delay tactic by the Mets on Wednesday, and a decision has been rendered.

MLB has fined Mets manager Jerry Manuel an undisclosed amount of money for violating the leagues “pace of game” regulations.

In the ninth inning on Wednesday at Citi Field, the Mets took a long time getting pinch-hitter Omir Santos to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs. A catcher, Santos was in the bullpen, which is behind the outfield wall.

With two outs, Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom was left waiting for several minutes on the mound as Santos made his way to the plate.

Santos lifted a pop out to shortstop, and the Marlins won 4-3. Still, the delay upset the Marlins, who asked MLB to look into the matter.

There are “pace of game” rules designed to speed the game up.

The Marlins had no comment on the MLB decision.

— Joe Frisaro

Delay prompting Marlin reaction

The delay the Mets used to get pinch-hitter Omir Santos to the plate in the ninth inning on Wednesday at Citi Field is not going away without a Marlin reaction.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez on Thursday said the organization is in the process of contacting Major League Baseball for a response on what action could have been taken by the umpires.

“We, the Marlins, will talk to Major League Baseball because it could happen to somebody else,” Gonzalez said. “Just to make them aware. I don’t know if they could do something. I don’t know if they could put a clock on it. I don’t know. To go to the extreme of striking the guy out, without him being there.”

Baseball does have “pace of the game” rules. But to the Marlins knowledge, that applies, for example, when a player is on deck and he is taking too long to get into the batter’s box. If a delay is taking too long, an umpire could start having strikes called on the batter, even if no one is in the box.

On Wednesday, Santos was being called upon to pinch-hit for Ramon Castro with two outs and the bases loaded. Santos was in the bullpen warming up pitchers, and it took him several minutes to arrive to the dugout to get ready to hit.

Meanwhile, closer Matt Lindstrom was left on the mound. The umpires tried to hurry up the action, and Lindstrom was told he could throw a few warmup pitches.

The Marlins held on to win, 4-3, when Santos lifted a routine pop that was collected by shortstop Alfredo Amezaga for the final out.

The Marlins were worried that Lindstrom was being iced on the mound.

— Joe Frisaro