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Hermida makes no excuses

The last laugh ultimately went to Jeremy Hermida when he laced a home run to right field in the fourth inning on Saturday against the Orioles.

“The best way to make them quiet,” Hermida noted.

Before that, the crowd was getting on the 25-year-old for failing to haul in two first-inning fly balls that dropped for two-out doubles. Switching from right field to left is an adjustment, especially playing at game speed.

The windy, sunny conditions did play a part in him not getting good reads on either long fly ball, which helped the Orioles score twice in the first inning.

“That’s still no still no execuse. I should have caught those balls. We’ll do some work on it, on balls hit over my head,” Hermida said. 

Nick Markakis and Melvin Mora each lofted long fly balls that swirled in the wind and Hermida awkwardly went after them. Even though both were ruled hits, fans heckled Hermida, especially in the second inning, giving him the obligatory big cheer for making a couple of routine plays.

Hermida played along with the crowd. 

“We’re having fun. It’s a Spring Training game,” he said. “We’re allowed to have fun and have a good time out there. Just having a good time, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for the game.”

— Joe Frisaro