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Volstad picks up a tip

During his start against the Red Sox on Friday in Fort Myers, it was pointed out that Chris Volstad was tipping a few pitches.

Making sure not to telegraph what is about to be thrown is something pitchers are constantly on alert about. It wasn’t something major, and Volstad realizes what he was doing.

“It was something real simple,” he said. “It’s a reminder to keep everything the same in my delivery. Nothing big.”

Volstad, 22, is a promising right-hander who looks to pick up pointers from other pitchers. On Friday, he was matched against Josh Beckett.

From Beckett, Volstad watched his mound presence and how the former Marlin sets up hitters.

“You can see those guys think out there on the mound, and what they’re trying to do,” Volstad said. “You see their pitching sequences.”

Growing up, Volstad was a fan of Greg Maddux.

“Watching the game, in general, you can always learn,” Volstad said.

— Joe Frisaro