Industry watching Marlins closely

MIAMI — Who knows how this all will play out in Miami, but one thing is certain — the industry is closely monitoring what is going on with the Marlins. They’re waiting and seeing how Dan Jennings’ transition from general manager to Marlins manager works.

If it is a hit, it could be a game-changer in the industry. This move directly connects the front office to the clubhouse. In Mike Redmond, the players and coaching staff had a buffer from the top.

Now, the man filling out the lineup card is on the same page as those executives in the suites.

If this doesn’t work, the critics will have a field day.

From what I’ve gathered, Jennings has no shortage of supporters. A number of scouts are pulling for him, and believe if anyone can pull this off, it’s DJ.

Foremost for Jennings is winning the trust of his players. Right now, two key players are open to giving him a chance — Giancarlo Stanton and Ichiro Suzuki. Having the support of those two is essential.

Jennings’ people skills are unmatched in baseball. Don’t sell him short on connecting with the players and getting them to buy into what he is saying.

Fish bites

* In the weeks leading up to Redmond being let go, it became clear he wasn’t on the same page with the front office in terms of roster decisions. This ended up becoming a factor. One example is Redmond ideally wanted Henderson Alvarez to have at least one more rehab assignment start, while Jennings was in agreement with the Opening Day starter taking the mound on Sunday.

* The decision to replace Redmond was already decided before Sunday’s game with the Braves. A team meeting notification was on the message board in the clubhouse, so the players knew something was happening. They just didn’t know what.

* Redmond indeed almost was dismissed after the Marlins were swept by the Mets at Citi Field in early April. One of the voices to stop it from happening was the general manager — Dan Jennings.

* The Marlins are in the market for an advance scout. Mike Goff was handling the role, but he is now the bench coach. Goff is a key figure in if this works out for Jennings, because he is an experienced coach. He was Seattle’s bench coach in 2007. Goff also has been a close friend of Jennings for more than 30 years.

* It’s also important to note, if Jennings doesn’t feel this is working, he is expected to go back to being the full-time general manager. That wouldn’t be until after the season.

Joe Frisaro

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