Marlins pursuing Coke, plus K-Rod update

MIAMI — It appears the Marlins will make another move or two before Spring Training starts on Feb. 20.

Miami is looking to sign lefty Phil Coke to a Minor League deal with a big league camp invite.

Mike Dunn, who signed for two years, $5.8 million, is the lone left-hander who is a lock to be on the Opening Day roster.

Coke, 32, has been with the Tigers since 2010, and he was 5-2 with a 3.88 ERA in 58 innings.

Coke reportedly also is drawing interest from the Rangers and Blue Jays.

Ideally, Miami would like to add at least one more left-hander.

Andrew McKirahan, a Rule 5 pick from the Cubs’ system, also is a lefty in the mix.

The Marlins haven’t closed the door on signing right-hander Francisco Rodriguez, but the team has an abundance of right-handed candidates.

Another question with K-Rod is how would he accept a setup role instead of closing? Also, at what level of commitment. It likely will take an offer of two-years, $10 million to land the veteran.

Joe Frisaro


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K-Rod Yes, Phil Coke NOOOOOOOO

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I ain’t paying no 50 cents for no coke.

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Give McKirahan a chance, he’s really good, another Cishek in the making. Cooke wants $2M, too much money. K-Rod is $10M for 2 years, he’ll have to be pitch really well to deserve that kind of money and I have my reserves about it, especially when definitely you’ll find a better right handed relief – option in spring training.

McKirahan is getting his chance. If he produced, he has a shot at making it. If a team was willing to pay $2 million to Coke, they would have by now. Minor League deal with invite is most likely. If he can get a big league contract, more power to him. K-Rod saved 44 games last year. That’s why he is in position to make two years, $10 million.

Do you think he would accept something like 1 year/$6 million or 2 years/$8 million or do you think he is more interested in a closing opportunity than money and winning? He does have a legit shot at 500 saves

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I agree with some of the other comments, signing Coke is going to eventually be a waste of time.

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