Trading Haren most likely option

MIAMI — The writing is on the wall regarding how the Dan Haren situation will play out.

Expect the Marlins to trade the 34-year-old right-hander to a club out West. Haren has already informed the team that he prefers to pitch closer to home, and with a team that has Spring Training in Arizona.

From what I’ve heard, there is a market for Haren, and the Marlins will do their best to work out a deal that accommodates both parties. Those talks are already underway.

Now, Haren hasn’t completely closed the door on reporting to Spring Training with Miami. From a business perspective, that makes sense. He is keeping his options open, and not walking away from $10 million.

The Marlins were giving Haren as much time as he needed to make up his mind. With that being the case, if he truly intended to be part of Miami’s plan, why inform the club shortly before New Years Day that he still hoped to pitch closer to home? He could have taken more time to make his decision.

The last thing the Marlins need is to have a player in camp who may not want to be there. Sure, if he arrived for camp, everyone might say the right things the first few days, weeks or months. But at some point over a long season there is adversity. What then? The front office and manager Mike Redmond have worked too hard the past couple of years to get everyone to “buy in.” They have done their best to avoid distractions, not work around them.

The Marlins had a similar situation with a player on the fence about joining the club in 2012. Yunel Escobar, acquired in the November trade with Toronto, was being asked to switch from shortstop to third base. Initially, Escobar said he would do so, but then had a change of heart.

Miami traded Escobar to the Rays a few weeks later for Derek Dietrich.

My guess is the Marlins will find a fit for Haren pretty soon.

Joe Frisaro


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