LaRoche, Shields, ballpark fences and more

MIAMI — Giancarlo Stanton is signed, sealed and delivered for 13 years at $325 million. What’s next?

Here’s what I’ve learned is on tap. The Marlins have serious interest in Adam LaRoche and James Shields remains on the club’s radar. The Miami Herald reported Miami has a two-year, $20 million offer on the table for the veteran first baseman. has confirmed interest.

A power bat to protect Stanton is a high priority. LaRoche would fit the bill, adding playoff experience, as well as the fact he hits from the left side.

A high-end starting pitcher is also a priority. Shields, obviously, would bring plenty of experience to a young rotation that will be without Jose Fernandez for much of the first half.

Worth noting

* The dimensions at spacious Marlins Park were brought up in the Stanton negotiations. Nothing was written into the megadeal guaranteeing the fences will be moved in. But the Marlins are open to doing so over the next few years. The organization is studying the impact of the park. It’s not just a concern for Stanton, who obviously has the power to clear the fences as is.

But if the team feels the building is causing its players to constantly change their approaches, then it could lead to making changes. The concern is the Miami batters will have one approach at home and another on the road.

Another factor is the pitching. If the Marlins’ pitchers are tending to be much better at home than on the road, it may have something to do with them playing to the big park, challenging hitters. Mistakes that are rewarded at home could be damaging hits away. In other words, pitchers may not be as sharp hitting the corners routinely because they get away with mistakes at home.

* The Marlins have no interest in Pablo Sandoval.

* Miami may seek to trade prospects for a controllable starting pitcher, much like their Jarred Cosart deal with the Astros. Aside from Tyler Kolek, their No. 1 pick this year, the club is open to trading pretty much any prospect.

* Jarrod Saltalamacchia, in his second year of a three-year deal, is not a trade candidate.

* Other clubs are inquiring about J.T. Realmuto, but Miami isn’t interested in trading their catcher of the future.

Joe Frisaro

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