Depleted outfield down the stretch

MIAMI — As if losing the services of Giancarlo Stanton wasn’t bad enough, the Marlins now must close out the season without Marcell Ozuna.

Runs have been hard to come by down the stretch, and the task could be even tougher over the final seven games.

Just how much of a chunk out of the lineup are the Marlins taking? The only outfield duo with more combined home runs are Baltimore’s Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones.

Stanton and Ozuna have combined for 60 homers and 190 RBIs. Cruz/Jones are at 66 homers, 197 RBIs.

The Orioles’ outfield, obviously, has a lot of power. But they also play in a home run-friendly park, compared to Marlins Park, which is among the most spacious stadiums in the game.

Also, Stanton has been out since Sept. 11, the day he was struck in the face by a pitch. Stanton concluded his season with 37 homers and 100 RBIs. Ozuna, who suffered a high right ankle sprain on Sunday, is at 23 homers, 85 RBIs.

“After losing [Stanton] and his production, now you got another guy with 20-plus homers and 85 RBIs [missing],” manager Mike Redmond said. “That’s another pretty big blow out of our lineup.”

There are just 17 outfielders with at least 20 home runs. Miami and Baltimore are the only teams with two on the list.

— Joe Frisaro

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Joe, they have an outfielder in AAA that hit 27 hrs (3rd in PCL), 92 RBI’s (2nd in PCL) and is on the 40 man roster and Management or Redmond did not want to bring him up in Sept. Why don’t you write an article on why Kyle Jenson was not brought up and not all the power and RBi’s are now missing from the outfield.

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