Chances of Stanton returning remote

NEW YORK — You never want to count Giancarlo Stanton out. The two-time All-Star is so driven, so determined, and has been so focused on being all he can be on the baseball field.

Marlins rallying around Stanton.

Marlins rallying around Stanton.

With his immense size, and amazing talents, Stanton is the closest thing MLB has to being a superhero. Those around him often joke about his larger than life stature.

Even Superman can be stopped by kryptonite. For Stanton, it was a fastball to the face on Sept. 11 at Milwaukee that has knocked him out of action.

Can he return in the final week or days of the Marlins’ season, which ends on Sept. 28 at Washington? More will be known after he is examined by Marlins’ physicians on Tuesday in Miami.

A battery of tests will be performed to make sure the slugger is recovering properly.

Stanton suffered multiple facial fractures, and loss of several teeth. More than 20 stitches were required to patch him up. Plastic surgery will help cover up the wounds.

Since going down, we’ve heard Stanton is determined to get back on the field. He’d like to play again before the end of the month. If he somehow can, boy, what a story. What an inspirational moment it would be. A test of courage.

It would be the stuff of movies. But I’m not sure even Wolverine, with his healing powers, could patch himself up quickly from what Stanton went through.

Ultimately the medicial people will decide if a return is even possible.

It’s hard to imagine the slugger would be medically cleared to play. Because of the stitches, the fractures, and the dental work, time is working against the Miami superstar.

If Stanton were to play, it is highly unlikely he could do anything more than pinch-hit.

There also is the risk of just being on the field, like if he had to slide or dive. There is a chance of a collision. Even if he tapped a routine ground ball that led to a throw pulling the first baseman off the bag there is potential danger. What if there is a swipe tag? It could very realistically be to the face.

You never want to say never. But even if the medical people could be convinced to clear Stanton, the best case scenario strictly as a pinch-hitter. In that situation, he could get back in the box, and face big league pitching again. If he were to reach base, he could immediately be lifted for a pinch-runner.

The positive about another at-bat is it would allow Stanton to move forward, which could be huge in terms of his mental recovery.

Joe Frisaro

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