How deals today may impact Stanton tomorrow

MIAMI — So much for the notion teams get less for rentals.

If anything, what has transpired on non-waiver Trade Deadline day is impact players will command a high price, no matter when they are moved. The Red Sox, Athletics and Cardinals all proved that in one of the most fascinating deadline days in years.

Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes for Yoenis Cespedes and a competitive balance pick? This deal alone showed what the return on a two-month rental can be. Then, John Lackey, technically not a rental, for Allen Craig and Joe Kelly?

Moving proven players, some with World Series experience, for each other has moved the trade thinking away from the belief prospects are dealt for veterans. And you have to trade arbitration-eligible players to maximize your return well before they become free agents.

How does this impact the Marlins? Well, it should further remind the organization that there is zero urgency to trade Giancarlo Stanton. Not just now, but for another year or two, if the club wishes.

Stanton isn’t eligible for free agency until after 2016. If the Marlins, who are improving, feel they can make a serious playoff run in 2015 and ’16, they may very well decide to retain their All-Star right fielder, regardless of whether he is under a long-term contract or not.

The common belief is Stanton’s value will be at his highest this offseason. Maybe it will be. But to think that Miami can’t bring in a big time haul if they wait, even up to the Trade Deadline in 2016, is nonsense. Any doubters should simply pay attention to what occurred before noon today.

The reality is, the Marlins can literally see where they are in the standings in 2015 and up to half of 2016 before deciding to deal Stanton. This logic only applies if Miami feels it can’t sign their slugger to an extension before then.

Now, this won’t stop the rumors, because the rest of the league repeatedly makes calls to the Marlins regarding Stanton. As for what the team is thinking now, they have no intentions of moving Stanton any time soon, and that includes 2015.

Joe Frisaro

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