Wanted: Missing Yelich glove

MIAMI — This falls into the “Can’t trust anyone” category.

Christian Yelich's glove was swiped from his luggage.

Christian Yelich’s glove was swiped from his luggage.

Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich had his glove swiped from his checked luggage during his flight to Miami after returning from his rehab assignment.

Yelich, reinstated from the 15-day disabled list on Sunday, played two rehab assignment games for Triple-A New Orleans before traveling from Nashville to Miami on Saturday.

Everything was normal until he opened his luggage only to find his glove and Zephyrs’ cap were missing. The New Orleans cap was no big deal, but Yelich had broken in the black Louisville Slugger brand glove, which has his full name inscribed on the side. Yelich was planning on using that specific glove the rest of the season.

Worry not about a replacement glove.

Yelich has a backup glove, but it isn’t properly broken in yet, so on Sunday he used the glove of his close friend, Jake Marisnick.

Marisnick, optioned to New Orleans on Saturday night, left his game-ready glove for Yelich.

Marisnick’s nickname is “Big Fudge,” which is inscribed on the side.

Fortunately for Yelich, he arrived to the ballpark on Saturday in time for the Miami-Athletics game, which lasted 14 innings.

Yelich saw Marisnick and said: “I need a glove.”

Once game time rolled around, however, Yelich received a glove assist from another teammate. Ed Lucas sported Yelich with his outfield glove.

Joe Frisaro


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