No restrictions for Heaney

MIAMI — If the Marlins remain in the race in September, Andrew Heaney will not be held back due to an innings limit.

The way the organization has spaced out his starts in the Minor Leagues, Heaney can reach his target innings range without being shut down.

“There is always a range when you’re talking about innings for these guys,” Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said. “He can pitch every fifth day and fit within that range.”

The basic range is around 170.

Heaney is at 76 2/3 innings in 13 Minor League games, with 12 starts.

Anthony DeSclafani is in a similar boat.

In 2013, the Marlins received plenty of attention with Jose Fernandez, who was shut down on Sept. 11 at 172 2/3 innings.

At Triple-A New Orleans, Heaney was skipped a start on June 12 for the purpose of keeping him within a 170 range. He was lined up to throw again on Thursday for the Zephyrs, but with a need for starting pitching help, the decision was made to bring Heaney up earlier than projected.

Heaney will make his MLB debut on Thursday against the Mets. He will be going from June 7 to June 19 between starts. He threw a bullpen at Marlins Park on Monday.

“I think we all felt with Heaney it was a matter of not if, but when,” Hill said. “We really just worked through what his pitching schedule would be for the rest of the year, and make sure when he did come there would be no restrictions.”

With the All-Star Break in July, the Marlins can work things out to push Heaney back a few days before he makes his first start of the second half.

“That’s the one thing I’ve said, when he came here there were no restrictions,” Hill said.

Joe Frisaro

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