Pitchers all getting extra day of rest

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As division rivals, the Marlins will see plenty of the Nationals over the course of the season. But on this particular road trip, Washington will not get a look at Miami ace Jose Fernandez.

The Marlins are opting to keep their rotation as is, and not shift things around because of Monday’s off day. Fernandez could have stayed on a five-day schedule, and been lined up for Thursday’s series finale at Nationals Park.

Rather than change things up, the rotation will stay the same. So, Fernandez will start on Friday night in the series opener at Philadelphia. Nathan Eovaldi also will get the benefit of an extra day, and he will go on Saturday, followed by Henderson Alvarez, who is starting Tuesday night at Washington.

The Nationals have their top three starters set for this series, while Miami will have its three, four and five guys.

“I’m not worried, I love our three, four and five pitchers,” manager Mike Redmond said. “Right now, it worked out where we are facing their one, two and three, but when they come [to Miami], it might work out differently. That’s the way it goes. You’ve got to win on the road.”

Washington will be at Marlins Park from April 14-16.

It’s also early enough in the season where an extra day should benefit all the starters.

Miami is relaxing its innings limit with Fernandez, who was shut down after 172 2/3 innings as a rookie.

“I think it makes sense with our pitchers,” Redmond said. “We don’t want to start having that conversation about how many innings this guy is going to have at the All-Star Break. That got kind of old to me. Let’s keep these guys spaced out. It’s early in the season. Get them an extra day of rest. That’s going to benefit them for the long haul.

“It’s not about one game in April. It’s about winning a lot of games over the course of the season. That’s what is important for me and for everybody.”

Joe Frisaro

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