Rumors swirl as LoMo begins hitting program

MIAMI — As trade rumors swirl, Logan Morrison on Friday was preparing to begin his offseason hitting program.

The 26-year-old first baseman is the subject of trade discussions as the Marlins are weighing their first base options.

According to the Miami Herald, the Marlins are discussing a two-year deal with free agent Garrett Jones, who was non-tendered by the Pirates earlier in the week.

Other reports have the Marlins in the mix for free agent Mike Napoli.

Morrison, meanwhile, is tending to his own business, which is getting in the best shape possible for Spring Training. He notes that whatever team he plays for in 2014, he will be honored.

Since at least the General Managers Meetings in November, the Marlins have listened to potential offers for Morrison.

The team may be looking to package Morrison for a third baseman.

One thing Morrison is certain about this offseason is he is healthy. He’s been actively working out since the season ended, doing plenty of cardio. On Friday, he began his hitting program, which he plans on doing daily.

“I’m going to be hitting every day,” Morrison told on Friday. “I’ve been working out every day. All the [tests] I’ve been put through with my knee, I’ve passed with flying colors.”

Morrison is in Denver training with an instructor in an indoor facility. He’s also doing squatting exercises with weights for the first time in three years.

More than rumors, Morrison is training to be ready for Spring Training.

“I have no doubts in my mind that I will be back to where I need to be next year,” Morrison said. “It’s a process, like anything else. You’ve got to stick with it.”

In 2013, Morrison’s hitting mechanics changed a bit. He’s currently studying video on his swing.

“My style changed a lot last year, where my hands would go down, and stuff like that,” Morrison said. “We’re going to look at film. We’re going to discuss style, and we’re going to look at when I was successful in the big leagues, what I did, and how to be more consistent, and more successful. Taking what I know now, and try to implement that into the hitter I was.

“You don’t realize how much you need Spring Training, if you don’t have it. Look at Ryan Howard. Look at all the guys who don’t go through Spring Training, and try to come back midway through the year. They don’t have the years they should. That’s going to be good, having a full offseason and Spring Training. I’m excited about it.”

Joe Frisaro

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