Nolasco thankful for times with Marlins

ST. LOUIS — Ricky Nolasco, a Southern California native, is thankful for his years with the Marlins and he welcomes his opportunity to return home.

The Marlins on Saturday night completed a trade with the Dodgers, sending Nolasco to Los Angeles for three pitching prospects.

“I’m definitely excited. It’s L.A., the team that I grew up going to the games as a kid and stuff,” Nolasco told “It’s kind of surreal now, until I’m actually there. It will take time to sink in, but I’m definitely excited. My whole family couldn’t be happier. I’ll try to blend in as quickly as I can.”

Nolasco thanked the Marlins for giving him his first big league shot, including team owner Jeffrey Loria, team president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Michael Hill. He also expressed his gratitude to manager Mike Redmond, pitching coach Chuck Hernandez, the rest of the staff and his teammates.

“I definitely want to say thank you to the whole Marlins organization, from top to bottom,” Nolasco said. “These last eight years I will obviously never forget. They’ve been great, although we didn’t go to the playoffs any of the years I was there. I am really glad to have been part of that organization.”

Joe Frisaro


It’s a nice sentiment, but you forgot the part where he expressed excitement about joining a club with ownership that is committed to winning. We netted ONE prospect in their top TWENTY, so that we could save more money this season. Just wrote a whole article on how bad a move that would be, and looks like Ill be hammering away at the same topic tomorrow. I would love, honestly, to hear how I should feel good about this move.

We were duped.

Herein lies my issue with the Marlins ownership. We had a chance to eat some of Nolasco’s salary and get better prospects. This was an opportunity to enhance the farm system further and go forward into the future. We already have one of the lowest, if not lowest, payrolls in all of baseball. They have a new stadium we gave to them which provides them with the income, even fairly empty, that Sunlife stadium did not. So why insist on saving more money at the expense of us receiving lower level prospects? Because it’s another short sighted, money grabbing scheme that insults us loyal fans. It’s another sidestep. I’ve been a Marlins fan since the beginning. I feel for the kids and hope they stay afloat until a new ownership is in place, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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