Nolasco takes mound amid rumors

ATLANTA — Swirling rumors didn’t change anything about Ricky Nolasco’s preparation and approach to Wednesday’s start.

Nolasco showed up at Turner Field in the afternoon, wearing a black Marlins’ hoodie. He rested on the couch in the clubhouse watching TV shortly after the rest of the team saw the final scene from the movie, “Scarface.” (Wanna play rough, say hello to my little friend!)

Shortly after Scarface was turned off, the rest of the Miami players headed to the field or batting cage to get ready to face the Braves.

Being the starting pitcher, Nolasco had a couple of hours to relax before getting into his routine for his 18th start of the season.

“I think Ricky’s a pro,” Marlins manager Mike Redmond said. “I’ve said that the whole way. It probably weighs on his mind, but at the same time, too, you’d never know around here. He’s been exactly the same as he was at the start of the season. The way he’s conducted himself, and the way he’s gone about his business.”

For weeks, it has been speculated that Nolasco could be traded pretty much any day.

Rumors picked up on Tuesday night that the Marlins were looking to move Nolasco before Wednesday’s game.

A rainy day in Atlanta briefly delayed the start of Wednesday’s game. And at 7:17 p.m. ET, Nolasco completed his walk from the bullpen to the Marlins’ dugout. One minute later, Atlanta’s Mike Minor threw the first pitch of the game, which Justin Ruggiano lined for a double to left field.

Speculation still has the Dodgers as the frontrunner to acquire Nolasco. But that certainly isn’t imminent.

Also several other teams had scouts on hand Wednesday, including the Giants, Rangers, Pirates and
Red Sox.

“I look for him to go out there and give us a great effort, and hopefully give us a chance to pick up a win,” Redmond said before the game.

Joe Frisaro

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