Drawing blood helps Marlins win argument

MIAMI — It wasn’t exactly the bloody glove being evidence, but a bloody hand did assist the Marlins in their 5-4 win over the Cardinals on Friday night.

In a game that Jose Fernandez established himself as All-Star-worthy, a key moment came in the fifth inning when Ed Lucas revealed a cut on his hand.

The Marlins scored twice in the fifth on Giancarlo Stanton’s two-run double off Jake Westbrook.

Before Stanton stepped up to the plate, Lucas was awarded first base on a critical hit by pitch.

But initially, home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi ruled foul tip.

Lucas was attempting to sacrifice bunt Juan Pierre, who doubled, to third. Westbrook ran a 90 mph sinker that drifted in on the batter’s hands.

Initially, Cuzzi believed Lucas fouled the ball off. But replays clearly showed the pitch struck Lucas’ right hand.

Marlins manager Mike Redmond came out to discuss the situation with the home plate umpire.

Lucas removed his batting glove, revealing a slight tear of the skin and some blood.

“There was a little cut there, and it was bleeding,” Redmond said. “It wasn’t a tough sell.”

With visible proof, Cuzzi awarded Lucas first base.

“He says, ‘Ok, I’ll give it to you,’ ” Redmond said of his conversation with the umpire.

The Marlins held on for a one-run win.

Joe Frisaro

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