Double trouble for Marlins’ offense

MIAMI — Scoring runs hasn’t been the only problem at the plate for the Marlins. Staying out of double plays has been another.

Three times in Friday’s 9-2 loss to the D-backs, the Marlins bounced into double plays. And on Thursday, the team has a bases-loaded, one-out situation thwarted by an inning-ending double play in a loss to the Reds.

“It’s the cycle that we’re in,” manager Mike Redmond said. “Every time it seems like we get into an RBI situation, we ground into a double play. It’s guys coming off the bench, it’s guys in the game, it’s the same thing. It’s frustrating, obviously, when you’re sitting there watching it.”

The Marlins now have grounded into 43 double plays, which is the third most in the Majors. The Angels are first with 46, followed by the D-backs (44).

The difference is Los Angeles and Arizona have had substantially more at-bats — 1,465 and 1,446, respectively. Miami has 1,392 at-bats.

“I know the guys are frustrated,” Redmond said. “Believe me, nobody wants to ground into a double play when they’ve got a chance to drive in a run. At the same time, too, I’m running out of words. We’ve been talking about the same thing almost the whole year. At the end of the day guys have to step up and start driving in runs. That’s their job. Their job is to drive those guys in. If not, you know the situation there.”

Joe Frisaro

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