MIAMI — Two home runs total during the first road trip confirmed what the Marlins already know.

This is not a power team, which increases the importance of manufacturing runs.

Six games, of course, is a small sample size. But here is what the numbers reflect heading into Miami’s home opener. The team has 14 runs total, which ranks 12th in the 15-team National League.

The Marlins have seen their hits totals pick up, as they have 50, which is eighth in the NL. In terms of doubles, they rated eighth. They have yet to hit a triple, and their two homers place the team 13th in the NL in that category.

Without serious power, the Marlins are going to need to generate more hits and walks, and capitalize on other team’s defensive mistakes.

The team batting average is .258, which rates eighth in the league. But their .332 slugging percentage is 11th.

A positive is the Marlins, for the most part, are putting the ball in play. They have a combined 40 strikeouts, which is 13th. So only two teams have struck out less.

Now, it’s time to see how the offense performs at home, in spacious Marlins Park. While it isn’t an ideal home run park, there should be opportunities to collect plenty of hits, and with the wide open gaps, some doubles and triples.

Monday lineup:

1) Pierre, LF
2) Polanco, 3B
3) Stanton, RF
4) Dobbs, 1B
5) Ruggiano, CF
6) Brantly, C
7) Hechavarria, SS
8) Solano, 2B
9) Slowey, P

— Joe Frisaro

1 Comment

interesting facts…Yesterday’s game agains the Mets: Redmond should have taken Juan Pierre out in the late innings and put in somneone with aq good arm..Redmond still needs more experience..Let’s hope Chiscek doesn’t become another Heath Bell..
We all know our bullpen is erratic and when they bring someone in..just cross your fingers…Coghlan should go and try to bring back Yorkys..fields better and bats better than Chris.

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