Redmond presented lineup card

Mike Redmond presented the lineup card from his first big league win as a manager.

Mike Redmond presented the lineup card from his first big league win as a manager.

NEW YORK — To celebrate his first big league win as a manager, Mike Redmond on Friday night was toasted in the manager’s office at Citi Field.

To honor the occasion, Redmond, his staff and the front office sipped on Moet & Chandon champagne following the Marlins’ 7-5 win over the Mets.

When Redmond arrived back at the team hotel, he also was treated to a more modestly-priced meal.

“I went back and had a gyro on the street, from one of the street vendors, so it was a big night, all and all,” Redmond joked. “It was really good. I think I’m paying for it today.”

Thrilling for the 41-year-old Redmond, the youngest manager in the National League, was the fact his wife, Michele, sons Michael and Ryan, along with his mother, were at the ballpark. Redmond’s family lives in Spokane, Wash., where it is spring break.

“Celebration for me was having my kids here, my mom and my wife,” the first-year manager said. “To get that first one out of the way, it was good for all of us to help us relax and settle in.”

On Saturday morning, while Redmond was addressing the media before the game, bench coach Rob Leary presented Redmond with the lineup card from Friday’s first win.

“I’ve had a lot of great experiences in baseball throughout my career as a player,” Redmond said. “That’s definitely one I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


1) Pierre, LF
2) Polanco, 3B
3) Stanton, RF
4) Dobbs, 1B
5) Ruggiano, CF
6) Olivo, C
7) Hechavarria, SS
8) Solano, 2B
9) Nolasco, P


1) Baxter, RF
2) Murphy, 2B
3) Wright, 3B
4) Davis, 1B
5) Buck, C
6) Duda, LF
7) Nieuwenhuis, CF
8) Tejada, SS
9) Niese, P

Joe Frisaro

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