Getting ahead of the autograph line


Rob Brantly signs for a kid.

Rob Brantly signs for a kid.

JUPITER, Fla. — Marlins catcher Rob Brantly has signed plenty of autographs, but on Sunday, he had a first.

Brantly scribbled his signature on the top of an 11-year-old’s head.


Hey Joe, I was at the game saturday, 3/2/13, at the mets stadium and got;
Chris Coghlan (sweet spot, and perfect looking)
Christian Yelich
Bryan Peterson
AJ Ramos
Rob Brantly
Alex Sanabia
Mike Lowell
Matt Downs
Chris Hatcher
Mike Dunn
Edgar Olmas
& Raudel Lazo to sign an official ball. Sweet looking ball now. I also got AJ Ramoss RC signed. I’m very excited for this season, actually more so then last year. I love this group of guys. At the game I could feel the energy this team was giving off. Keep up the good articles and look forward to following you this season.
-FL Hightopps

My son is the young fan who had his head signed. Are there any hard copies of the pictures that might be available? It was a wonderful experience for him, he attend with friends and I unfortunately was not there to take pictures on my own.
The players time and attention to the fans is impressive.
Thank you

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