Could Hamilton decision sway Marlins’ thinking?

MIAMI — What’s happening with the Angels may have a domino effect that could impact the Marlins.

Josh Hamilton, the biggest free agent on the market, reportedly has reached agreement on a five-year, $125 million contract with the Angels.

Once the signing becomes official, the balance in the American League West has again shifted. The Angels’ lineup becomes perhaps the best in the game.

So what’s next for the Rangers?

All eyes turn to them to see if they will make a counter punch. If they do, they may have to seek a big trade.

Or how about the Angels? They now have a surplus of outfielders, and they too may seek to make more deals.

At the Winter Meetings, the Marlins told teams that Giancarlo Stanton is not available. That was then, prior to Hamilton relocating to Southern California.

The Rangers have a loaded farm system, and if they are willing to offer some of their top young players, the Marlins may be in position to cash in, if they don’t consider Stanton part of their long-term plans.

Would Miami be tempted to move Stanton if suddenly Jurickson Profar and/or Mike Olt are centerpieces in a deal?

The Marlins also could be positioning themselves to tap into what the Angels now have available.

Peter Bourjos, a speedy outfielder, has been on the Marlins’ radar for a while. Could he suddenly be had in a trade? Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales also may be on the market.

Miami’s farm system is substantial stronger since the Nov. 19 trade with the Blue Jays. If something makes sense, there are prospects who could be moved.

Since the Winter Meetings, the Marlins have been searching for a third baseman. Now, the landscape for trades has changed. Will Miami’s front office also have a change of heart and seek more deals?

Joe Frisaro



While the names Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt definitely sound attractive, they are chumps compared with Giancarlo Stanton.

Profar is the highest rated SS prospect in two decades (since this guy named Derek Jeter was coming up through the system…). He’s the #1 prospect on MLB and just about every other legit scouting source. I don’t think the Rangers would trade him even straight up for Stanton. Don’t know why people keep putting his name in trade rumors, they wouldn’t deal him for anything short of King Felix caliber pitching.

While the names Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt definitely sound great, they are chumps compared with Giancarlo Stanton.

Good article as suggestions…Congratulations.

It’s funny…I didn’t have the exact same thought process as you on this.
BUT when I saw the Hamilton/Angels $125/5 trade come across Twitter this pm, I **immediately** thought of Hamilto domino effect on Stanton.
(a) holy **** – Stanton is pretty darn close to that same category of OF power hitter
(b) double holy **** – There’s no way Loria will EVER sign another 9-figure contract like he did with Reyes. So just like Miggy, Marlins won’t be able to afford to keep Stanton.

BTW, just saw some interesting Tweets on former Marlins pitchers…with VERY different outlooks:
Guadin signed minor league contract with Giants
Anibal Sanchez in talks with Cubs for $75/5 deal

I would prefer a deal with the Cardinals for Oscar Taveras, Trevor Rosenthal, Carlos Martinez, Mat Adams, Joe Kelly, and another minor league bullpen power arm or Mat Carpenter

Im glad you dont run a baseball team! Why would the Angels trade for Stanton? Sure, any team would want to trade for him, but they A) dont have enough prospects, and “liking” Bourjos doesnt get them near the price for a home run hitter with 4 years of team control left. Rangers start with Olt and Profar if they really want him. Olt+Profar+Perez+throwin would probably get it done, but that’s a lot to give up and that is why I dont see him being moved for a couple of years.

I never reported the Marlins would trade Stanton to the Angels. They’ve had interest in Bourgos for a while. What was written was they have more prospects now to perhaps make such a deal. Not for Stanton.

Stanton is more valuable now than he ever will be. Miami has blown up their team… Stanton will have no protection in the line-up and the team morale will stink. In 2013 his offensive numbers will be down across the board…except for walks…they should trade him while they can. Red Sox will put together a better offer than Texas!!

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they tried to trade him at Winter Meetings to Tex contrary to what has been made public.

And you make this claim from where?

profar,olt,martinez,ogando,and gallo, let’s go

Who cares? I’ll never spend another plug nickel to see the Marlins until Loria and his dweebie son in law are gone…forever!!

I would hate to see Giancarlo go, but keeping him on this roster as it currently stands really makes little sense, for the reasons we already know. Fact is that his value will never be higher and if the Marlins could make a deal with Texas revolving around some combination of their top prospects: Profar/Olt/Perez/Martin/Buckel, I would say they should just pull the trigger and hope that all their young talent peaks in 2015. Say they can get Profar/Olt from Texas (which would be a great haul), they would be looking at a future lineup centered around Profar/Olt/Yelich/Ozuna/Marisnick with pitchers like Fernandez/Turner/Eavoldi/Heaney/Nicolino in the rotation.

Frankly, with his body frame, I am concerned about Giancarlo’s long-term health. I know you can’t predict injuries, and while Giancarlo is in great shape, he is very top-heavy and you wonder about the strain on his knees/lower body. Some of those issue have already flared up.

So you are saying they shouldn’t try to do anything? The Angels also didn’t sign Greinke. Obviously, Hamilton is a big deal. They still need pitching.

It’s great for the Angels fans to have so much hope. But every year there is a new team or two that overspends and it ends up being a flop.

I know what you are saying with the Marlins, and it’s frustrating for all. But to say they shouldn’t look to build a team? Baseball will be played come April, and the roster will have 25 players on it. If things make sense, and there is a plan to improve, then you do it, you don’t throw up a white flag.

is it possible for the marlins to make a trade with the angels for trumbo maybe trading nolasco and another pitching prospect as wells as a trade like Lomo and Stanton for Olt, profar and a couple other prospects that could be the ones combined with nolasco? Could the 2013 marlins lineup look like 1.Pierre LF 2. Profar/solano2b 3.Olt 3b 4.Trumbo 1b 5 Ruggiano RF 6. Brantly C 7. hechaverria 8.CF Coghlan 9.Turner???? or maybe sign a veteran like swisher with the money saved with nolascos contract and put him in the 5 hole?

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