Redmond reaches out to Stanton

MIAMI — Marlins manager Mike Redmond has already taken steps to make sure everything has smoothed over with slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton last week vented his frustration over Miami’s 12-player trade with Toronto. The Marlins parted with Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck, and in the process, lopped $160 million in player salaries.

Upset about the club’s change of direction, Stanton make strong comments to Peter Gammons of

On Tuesday, Redmond said on SiriusXM’s Inside Pitch with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden that he has spoken with Stanton. The first-year manager is confident Stanton will be focused and ready to perform for Miami come Spring Training.

“I talked to Stanton, I reached out to him,” Redmond said during his radio interview. “I’ve been through that as a player, where guys have been traded, and it’s tough. I appreciate the fact that he’s upset. As a player myself, and now as a manager, that’s the kind of intensity and fire you want in your players. You want them to be passionate and to want to win.”

A year ago, the Marlins made major, high-priced additions. Now, after finishing in last place, they’ve revamped their roster.

“Any time you lose teammates to a trade, or whatever, you’re upset,” Redmond said. “You create such a tremendous bond with those guys. The players, when they get traded away, it hurts. I love the fact that he wants to win. That’s great. ”

The Marlins have no intention of trading Stanton.

“I told him how much he means to this organization, and to our team,” Redmond said. “He understands what is at stake as a player, and what he has got to do to go out there, and not only be successful for the Marlins, but to have a great year for himself and his family.

“I’m not worried about him. I know he will be ready for Spring Training, and ready to help us win ball games.”

Joe Frisaro


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Stanton is a decent young professional as I am sure Redmond is. Stanton has to do good and getvall the money he can in arbitration next year. He now knows who Loria, Samson and beinbfest keep cool and once his FA comes along get the hell out of Loria’s grasp.
In other news I read Beinfest has decided that Pierre will bat first and play left field..Are you listening Redmond?.We now know who the real manager is..Will Redmond be just a “

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