Nolasco, Stanton part of Marlins’ plans

MIAMI — Expect Ricky Nolasco to be with the Marlins in 2013, and the organization hopes to have Giancarlo Stanton playing in Miami for the foreseeable future.

Marlins president David Samson addressed both players on Thursday during a radio segment on “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz” on 790 AM The Ticket.

Nolasco, in the final year of his contract, has been the subject of trade rumors of late. But Samson gave a definitive “yes.”

“Yes. Yes, he will,” Samson said when asked if Nolasco would be with the team next year.

Nolasco, the franchise’s all-time victory leader, is signed for $11.5 million, making him the highest-paid player on the roster.

Many fans are wondering about Stanton, who still hasn’t reached his arbitration years. The Marlins have no intention on trading their 23-year-old slugger, who was second in the National League in home runs in 2012.

“Giancarlo is on the team for, I want to say, four years at the minimum,” Samson said. “We’d love to have him end his career here because we think he is that good. If he wants to be with us, we will be able to work out something long term. If not, not. But we’re not even up to that now.”

Stanton will be eligible for arbitration in 2014, and eligible for free agency after the 2016 season.

“Having him in the lineup and healthy is critical,” Samson said. “If he can play a full season his numbers will be quote spectacular.”

Joe Frisaro


Poor more year with these frauds….Giancarlo well what can I say..too bad he came up in this organization..Marlins should reduce their tickets 50%…for the quality of some of the new players…they can do good..they are young but playing in the Loria envirionment!!!! Poor guys..
Yes Ricky one more year..then take the high road and succeed as Anibal, Cody Ross, Infante, Mujica and now the Toronto 5..Buena suerte Carlos Enrique

Heard the exact same interview. Samson NEVER said that trading Ricky was off the table. Just unlikely.

Remember Ricky and Dobber are the ONLY 2 vets left. (Prediction: Samson too smart to let homophobic, clubhouse-cancer Escobar (supposedly worse than Hanley) ever near the opening day roster. South Beach-based LGBT activists would rip the Marlins to shreds worse than the Cuban activists last season.) Considering most of the coaching staff are not retired MLB stars (just Martinez and Redmond), there’s a limit to how much of Hawk and Niner can rub off on the 25 man roster without some actual veteran experience on the roster. That was the reason Dobber wasn’t dealt to Atlanta in the not-a-fire-yet in July.

If I’m not mistaken, Cisheck (a mid-season 2011 call-up) is now the most experienced, or second most experienced guy in the bullpen. And pretty sure the only bullpen guy with a full 2013 in the majors. The way things are going, I’m betting Hammerheads ’12 closer Brady will show up right around the same time Yelich and Fernandez come down from Jacksonville. And wow…All I remember last August was Beinfest criticizing the Cards for “rushing” Zack Cox through the Cards system. Frank Forte hit the nail on the head. The Hammerheads ’12 post season stars better grow into big leaguers fast! (Wouldn’t be surprised to see Realmoto and/or Ozuna by Sept ’13 either.)

The ticket prices *WILL** be reduced AT LEAST 50% next year. Just check StubHub for all of the unsold inventory Samson has to liquidate there all season long.

The irony with the scarce parking garage capacity EVERYONE worried about a year ago: Joe: has there **EVER** been a game where all 4 garages were legitimately sold out several days/weeks before the game?

Borrowing a marketing idea from the Rays, it may be time for Samson to include free parking passes with some kind of family 4 packs next year. Giving $16-$21/car load ($4-$5/person) is going to be needed VERY badly needed to get 2013 attendance anywhere near 2012 levels.

The free concerts/fireworks are another much-needed area that may help draw in 2013. Friday nights driving into downtown Miami are BRUTAL for anyone from Palm Beach/Broward, as well as anyone w/ school age children. Go back to Saturday nights.

In addition, it’s time to stop obsessing about the Latin demographic. (Look at where it got Samson with Ozzie and his April PR fiasco.) The Marlins fan base, or what you have left of it, is not 100% Latin (maybe 50/50 or something similar?). Plenty of Caucasians cheer for the Fish too. So it’s really culturally insensitive (bordering on offensive) to keep parading the nearly 100% Spanish-only entertainment schedule. That can’t possibly be what most of the front office and their families listen to.

The concerts in prior years were better balanced and more “wholesame” acts (Steve Miller Band, Bangles, KC/Sunshine Band, Beach Boys, Fab 4, etc.). When it doubt, look at how the Rays and Nationals handle this. Every time I watch one of their games on Fox Sports (away Marlins game), my family gets jealous over their MUCH better free concerts.

Conclusion: As a marketing pro (2+ decades) and long-time Marlins fan (since 2005), the Marlins will need to get VERY good about using non-baseball promos to fill seats next year. It’s sad, but very much a reality. Even if you can repeat the historic June 2012 winning record for several months in 2013 (awfully difficult with $15M-$30M in payroll), the PR damage done by this week’s actions will leave a LONG, LONG bitter taste.

Sean Flynn better start drinking a lot of Red Bull. Because after Gianarclo and Redmond, he’s Samson’s 3rd most important Marlin for the 2013 season.

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