Holding pattern for Ozzie, front office

MIAMI — All has been quiet since the Marlins’ season ended. Chances are the silence will remain until the club’s organizational meetings later this month.

Team owner Jeffrey Loria continues to mull over what to do next.  And he is contemplating more than what to do with manager Ozzie Guillen.

According to a source, Loria also is weighing whether to restructure the front office.

When the Marlins faced the Mets in New York in late September, there was wide speculation that president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest would be dismissed, and vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings would replace him.

But on Sept. 21 in New York, Loria met with everyone in the front office, and said no changes were being made.

Also in New York, Loria sat down with Guillen on Sept. 23. Nothing was mentioned about Guillen’s future as manage. Instead, they talked mostly about the direction of the team, and its needs.

There is growing speculation that Guillen will be dismissed, but that decision hasn’t been made. There is a very strong chance Guillen returns. What could change is the chain of command in the front office. Roles for those already on staff may be different.

Right now, everything is on the table.

The Marlins are coming off their second straight last-place finish. The farm system also is in the process of being restocked, with a majority of the team’s top prospects considered more than a year away from being big-league ready.

So the organization is dealing with more than just who will manage the club.

Joe Frisaro


Good Article Joe. It takes more than a coach to change a losing team. We have been more then horrible this last season. The only good thing has been the new Ball Park.. I don’t believe Ozzie is a motivator or the right coach for Miami. Cursing is not an upper, but a downer. We need a lot of new players. We finish the season with an AAA players team with few exceptions. For the sake of the Miami Marlins Franchise, Mr. Loria… make the right changes this time.

Yes good article..disagree that Ozzie is not a good coach for Miami..He did not have the right tools including a coaching staff that was assigned to him except the bench coach..add injuries to key players…a mediocre bullpen which the pitching coach, as every year, has not been able to better,, Ozzie curses but at least he tells it as it is .
The front office will probably stay intact..Beinfest & Co., know all of loria’s dirty tricks..If they go, they will be writing a book putting out the dirty laundry.

If Guillen should go.. his replacement should be accepted by the numerous hispanic fans ..who like to have loud opinions pro-con manager.. What guillen said about Fidel was bad diplomacy in that city and definitely overblown by the press.

Last but not least, no experienced nor capable manager will want to go to Miami whiloe loria is still the owner…You may get the New orleans present Manager or a so-so coach that may want to boast his ego.

12 Reasons for the Marlins to shake up the front office:

2003: Jeff Allison
2004: Taylor Tankersley
2005: Chris Volstad, Aaron Thompson, Jacob Marceaux, Ryan Tucker and Sean West
2006: Brett Sinkbeil, Chris Coghlan
2007: Matt Dominguez
2008: Kyle Skipworth
2009: Chad James

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