Lowell responds to Marlins’ speculation

MIAMI — If the Marlins changed managers, would Mike Lowell be interested?

This question and others were presented to the former All-Star third baseman and World Series hero on Friday night on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” on 790 The Ticket.

The Marlins are weighing whether to bring back manager Ozzie Guillen, who currently is on vacation in Spain.

For weeks, MLB.com has reported the Marlins have discussed Lowell as a potential replacement.

Le Batard asked Lowell directly: “Did the Marlins contact you, or talk to you in any way about being their manager?”

The answer was interesting.

“How can I be a manager when they have a manager?” said Lowell, who had been overseas for a few weeks. “I’ve been in Italy for two weeks. I didn’t have Internet. I tried talking to my kids, and couldn’t even talk to my kids.”

The follow up question was, “If they didn’t have a manager, would you be interested in the job?”

Lowell, who has never managed or coached at the professional level, said: “It would be a very interesting scenario, but I don’t know if this is the time in my life right now.”

Repeatedly pressed, Lowell responded: “No, I haven’t been contacted.”

The audio of the Lowell interview is posted on the 790 The Ticket web site —  www.theticketmiami.com.

The interview was light and loose, but it raised more questions than gave answers.

It’s obviously a touchy subject, because Guillen is the manager. Guillen also was the Marlins third base coach in 2002-03, when Lowell was with the organization.

Right now is a sensitive time for the organization, as it considers making a very difficult decision.

There continues to be speculation about Guillen’s future with the Marlins. There have been reports that the team is “aggressively” seeking a replacement.

Yet, two veteran Marlins players told MLB.com they’ve received indications that Guillen will be back in 2013.

But in recent weeks, there was strong sentiment that the odds were more than 50 percent that Guillen would be replaced.

What is clear is the speculation isn’t going away, and the one person with the final answer is team owner Jeffrey Loria, who is taking some time to think things over.

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1 Comment

Lowell being hispanic could fit but has no experience as he well says.Mike is a very intelligent person and knows what kind of organization Loria runs although he should be thankful he was traded to Boston as I am sure Infante and Anibal are going to Detroit.

It is justified that Ozzie be given the opportunity to manage this year. There were a lot of problems he inherited and no fault of his that injuries played a major role in the outcome. Last but not least, the manager should be able to pick his own coaching staff..again he inherited except for the bench coach all of Loria’s picks…

On the hand, there are some baseball writers who have nothing important to say and try to put Ozzie down. What I do like about Guillen is that he is sincere and tells you what he thinks.

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