Braun offers opinion on Marlins Park

MIAMI — Word already is out about how Marlins Park is a tough place to hit home runs.

The Brewers, who pace the National League with 170 homers, had a couple of long drives not clear the wall in Tuesday’s 8-4 win. Now, they did belt two homers on balls that were pulled.

But in the first inning, Ryan Braun crushed a drive to center field that went for a double.

It hasn’t taken long for Braun to point out how big the gaps and center field are in the new ballpark.

“It’s gotten it’s reputation as a pitchers’ ballpark for a reason,” said Bruan, the 2011 NL MVP. “It’s definitely not a place where you’re going to get any cheap homers, that’s for sure.”

The Marlins entered Wednesday with 120 homers, which rates 21st overall in the big leagues. The Brewers are fourth overall.

Miami’s splits are telling.

At home, the Marlins have hit 47 homers, which rates 26th in the Majors. But on the road, their 73 homers are now tied for the 11th most.

Braun was asked about Citi Field in New York. The Mets had the fences moved in this season.

“Yeah, it’s very similar to Citi Field,” Braun said of Marlins Park. “When you take batting practice you realize the same thing. It’s a big ballpark.”

The Marlins aren’t looking to move in the fences, at least not for 2013. But should they?

“I have no idea,” Braun said. “I think for fans, you want to see home runs. Fans want to see high-scoring games. … You never know how a ballpark is going to play until you actually start to see some games played. I don’t know if they expected to maybe have the roof open more, maybe the ball would’ve carried better. I don’t know. It’s such a small sample size to say whether or not it’s a good or bad hitters park, but definitely in taking batting practice this is one of the bigger parks.”

Joe Frisaro



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