Ozzie keeping his cool during tough time

MIAMI — Timing is everything when it comes to Ozzie Guillen’s temperament.

The Marlins manager has a reputation for speaking his mind and occasionally losing his cool. Because the Marlins have a number of young players, Guillen is being cautious when it comes to handling his clubhouse. He wants to make sure he doesn’t say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“People think when I was with another team that I was crazy every day,” Guillen said. “No. At times I am crazy, but that’s saying stuff that needed to be said. The different thing is, some managers say it one way. I say it my way.

“I don’t think right now is the moment to do it. First of all, I have some kids here, I don’t know how they will react.”

If and when the time comes, Guillen likely won’t hold back.

“I don’t hold back on anybody,” he said. “I will be myself, no matter where I may be. I can manage everywhere. In a convent, with priests and nuns, I will be the same guy. I will curse, and stuff. That’s my style, that’s my way. That’s the way I grew up.”

One aspect of the game that Guillen is especially forgiving is errors. A former infielder, he is tolerant of physical errors. It’s the mental errors that he will get upset about.

“As soon as I see that, then I will erupt,” he said. “We’re just playing lousy defense. It seems like every time we make errors, it costs runs. But like I say, I will never criticize the players for fielding errors. I will criticize them for mental errors. Field errors, that’s the reason they’re there. I played. when somebody makes errors, I don’t think they try to make errors. I will never criticize my players for physical errors, mentally, yes. Physically, I can’t. That’s a cheap shot on them.”

Joe Frisaro



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