Marlins riding out the tough time

MIAMI — Ups and downs are expected over a long season. Marlins management is hoping it’s not a trend.

“State of the team,” Marlins president David Samson said. “We hope it’s not April off, May on, June off. But it’s too early to say that. We weren’t hitting, and the pitching has been holding us in so many tight games, where they weren’t getting support. When the pitching has a hiccup and you’re not hitting, you’re going to have a problem.”

The team isn’t rushing to any conclusions.

Manager Ozzie Guillen is giving the players every chance to play through their dryspells. The decision to bring Gaby Sanchez back from Triple-A New Orleans, prompted Logan Morrison to return to left field. That was their respective positions on Opening Day.

“Ozzie is completely confident, and we all are completely confident, obviously,” Samson said. “We wanted Gaby back up because we’re a better team with Gaby at first and Logan in left field. That’s the team we built to play. The time had come and we did it.”

Joe Frisaro

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