Stanton willing to compete in HR Derby

MIAMI — If asked, Giancarlo Stanton is agreeable to participate in the Home Run Derby.

The Marlins’ slugger would be a natural to compete in the showcase of power during the All-Star Game week.

Stanton is one of the strongest players in the game, and he’s already hit some impressive home runs this season. Recently, one of his blasts took out light panels on an auxiliary scoreboard at Marlins Park.

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp has been named the captain of the National League’s HR Derby team. Robinson Cano of the Yankees, the defending derby champion, is captain of the American League squad.

Kemp was asked recently by the MLB Network who he would consider taking. His first response was his Dodgers’ teammate, Andre Ethier. The second name Kemp mentioned was Stanton.

When informed of what Kemp said, Stanton responded: “Cool, I’ll do it.”

As of now, Stanton has not been contacted about officially taking part in the HR Derby. But there is still plenty of time to put the squad together.

“There is over a month left,” Stanton said. “I’m sure he’s got bigger things to worry about right now.”

Joe Frisaro


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