Which player is must-see on TV?

MIAMI — If you’re a South Florida sports fan on Wednesday night, you have some options.

You can watch the Marlins-Nationals or the Miami Heat against Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs.

The two teams will be playing a couple of miles apart. Marlins Park will be busy, as will AmericanAirlines Arena, home of the Heat.

If you’re watching at home on TV, what do you do? Most likely, you’ve got your remote control in hand.

Say you’re flipping back and forth between the two games, what would you absolutely not want to miss.

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton falls into the category of “must see.”

Stanton has 11 home runs and 29 RBIs in May, and the 22-year-old is a threat to do something special every time he steps to the plate.

Preston Wilson, the former Marlins player who now is a pregame and postgame analyst on Fox Sports Florida, makes it a point to watch when Stanton is at-bat.

“When I’m looking at that lineup, and I see Stanton is coming up, I make sure I don’t miss him,” Wilson said when he is at home and not working.

There are a handful of players Wilson doesn’t want to miss when they hit. Stanton, Joey Votto, Matt Kemp,  Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Hamilton and Ryan Howard are on his list of current players.

“Those guys are those rare guys, who can not only hit, they can hit for power,” Wilson said. “For a while, there were like 40 of those guys. Now, they’re like 10 in each league, who are legitimate power.”

Joe Frisaro

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