Good or bad, Zambrano keeps his cool

MIAMI — For a brief moment on Wednesday night, Carlos Zambrano almost let his temper get the best of him.

It was after he struck out, stranding a runner at third base in Miami’s 8-4 loss to the Rockies.

Frustrated, Zambrano raised the bat above his knee as if he would try to snap it in two. It didn’t happen.

Zambrano calmed himself and simply walked back to the dugout. There was no bat swipe at the water cooler. The pitcher just put his bat and helmet away.

The outbursts Zambrano showed in the past, during his tenure with the Cubs, are becoming things of the past.

Zambrano is more at peace with himself these days, and he credits his faith in God for changing his life. While pitching, Zambrano will regularly point to the sky. He’s also smiling more on the field.

“It’s easy when you’re doing good to talk about God, and [point to the sky], or if you hit a home run,” Zambrano said. “And then when you strikeout, you don’t do nothing. It’s easy to have a 1-something ERA, and pointing to God, but when you’re struggling, you don’t talk about God.

“I believe in God and I give thanks for being in this game. I will still talk about him because he changed my life. Even if I do a good job or I do a bad job, I glorify his name.”

Joe Frisaro



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