Lo viste creates waves in Houston

MIAMI — Lo viste mania has caught on big with the Miami Marlins. But Astros reliever Wilton Lopez wasn’t a big fan of the gesture, and on Wednesday night, the right-hander threw a pitch that plunked Hanley Ramirez.

Emilio Bonifacio sports lo viste shirt.

In the Astros dugout, Lopez was flashing the lo viste hand sign, which basically is making a peace sign and tilting it sideways over over one eye.

Lopez appears to have taken issue with Ramirez doing lo viste after hitting a home run off him on April 15 at Marlins Park.

In the eighth inning of that game, Ramirez belted a two-run home run that tied the game. Ramirez later won the game with a walk-off single.

The Marlins certainly aren’t the only team with a rally signal. The Rangers do the Claw.

Lo viste, Spanish for, “see that?” is a rally signal the Marlins have been doing since last year.

Started by Emilio Bonifacio during a conversation with Omar Infante, the splitting of fingers over one eye didn’t catch on much in 2011 because the team was losing.

It basically arose from when Bonifacio was in the middle of his 26-game hitting streak in 2011. Infante said something like, ‘You see that.” Bonifacio came up with the fingers framing the eye, and a gimmick was born.

Now, Bonifacio has lo viste t-shirts and the players have embraced it. A couple of nights ago in Houston, Logan Morrison flashed lo viste after hitting a double.

If a Marlin gets a big hit or makes a big play, the player will look into his own dugout (not the opposing dugout) and flash, lo viste.

Even after Lopez hit Ramirez, it didn’t stop the Marlins from celebrating in their own special way. Infante signaled to the Miami dugout, lo viste, after he delivered the game-winning single in the 12th inning on Wednesday.

Joe Frisaro

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