Marlins players tuned in from Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — As Ozzie Guillen was addressing the media in Miami on Tuesday, many of the Marlins players were tuned in watching at the team hotel in Philadelphia.

The Marlins on Tuesday announced Guillen will be serving a five-game suspension for this controversial comments regarding Fidel Castro.

“He was sincere in his apology,” Miami native Gaby Sanchez said. “It was good to see him out there apologizing, trying to set everything straight.

“He looked very sincere to me. We just have to move forward and keep going. We’ve just got to go out there and play baseball and have another good game against the Phillies and win.”

Until Guillen returns next Tuesday, when the Marlins are at home against the Cubs, bench coach Joey Cora will manage the team.

“Joey is involved with the everyday operations,” catcher John Buck said. “[Ozzie] and Joey are pretty tightly-knitted to where stuff is run through Joey quite a bit already. The fact [Ozzie] won’t be there, that’s the only thing that’s different. The baseball stuff, I don’t think will change much.”

Since the Time magazine story broke online last Friday, Guillen has clearly not been himself.

“You can see how it has affected him the last couple of days, how sincere he really is,” Buck said. “You don’t get Ozzie sincerely apologizing about anything. To see him affected this greatly and how bad it has hurt him, for him to say one thing and have it kind of get misinterpreted, that’s the part you feel for him. You see how hard it is on him.”

Joe Frisaro


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