Costas reacts to Guillen suspension

PHILADELPHIA — Suspending manager Ozzie Guillen for five games was swift and necessary action, says broadcaster Bob Costas.

Costas and Jim Kaat will be calling the Marlins-Phillies game on Thursday night on the MLB Network.

During a media conference call on Tuesday, Costas weighed in on Guillen’s suspension.

“I think the Marlins had to react,” Costas said. “They had to react forcefully without any ambiguity. Their original statement had no wiggle room – ‘There’s no reason to respect or admire Castro…’ – this was even before they made the decision about the suspension. I think most people will view that as fair and appropriate and, if anything, I think there’s some people who probably would’ve thought that the suspension would last longer than that, but five games seems equitable to me. It seems reasonable to me. I think there’s also an implication here that regardless of Ozzie’s shoot-from-the-hip history, he better keep it holstered on anything that goes outside baseball. People will just say ‘Hey that’s Ozzie,” if he’s talking about something that happened on the ball field, or he gets mad at one of his players, or he gets mad at someone on the opposition and he speaks colorfully about that, fine. But just keep it between the lines. The other stuff, I don’t think he has very much wiggle room anymore. [Chicago White Sox owner] Jerry Reinsdorf was pretty indulgent through the years in Chicago, but Ozzie’s painted himself into a corner now.”

Joe Frisaro  


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Reminds me of sending LoMo down last year because he spoke his mind on Twitter. This obviously has wider implications, but it’s still censorship for the sake of the organization as a whole not looking complicit in the controversy. This is being blown way out of proportion.

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