Two games doesn’t tell the story, does it?

CINCINNATI — First off, let’s show some perspective — it’s just two games.

Quite simply, nothing definitive can be drawn from two games.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what’s happened in the first two Marlins games. The club simply hasn’t hit.

The offense, which has the makings to be the best in the National League, has mustered only seven hits and one run total. They were hitless through six innings on Opening Night by Kyle Lohse of the Cardinals.

And Thursday, Johnny Cueto kept the team in check, limiting them to three hits in seven innings.

Granted, some balls in the first two games were hit hard, and the team had nothing to show for it. Giancarlo Stanton, of course, blasted two long drives on Opening Night that were gobbled up in center field by Jon Jay. Perhaps in a more hitter-friendly facility, Stanton would have had at least one homer.

It didn’t happen at Marlins Park, which seems like it will play gigantic with the roof open and the ocean breeze blowing in from left.

Logan Morrison, 1-for-3 in the opener, lined hard to right field for an out. Hanley Ramirez connected on what, off the bat, looked like at least extra bases. Again, the big home park didn’t reward the hitter, and it was another loud out.

Gaby Sanchez lined out to second base in the opener.

So we can accurately say the Marlins haven’t caught any breaks in the first two games.

Check that off our list.

What also is obvious is the players are simply trying too hard. Manager Ozzie Guillen said so after Thursday’s loss.

The lack of patience also is clear. Instead of grinding out at-bats, and wearing down pitchers — like the Yankees and Cardinals do — Miami players were clearly over-eager in their approaches and swinging for the fences instead of trying to start things off.

Part of being more high profile as a franchise is dealing with big crowds, and distractions. To teams like the Yankees and Cardinals, that’s nothing new.

For many of the Marlins, it is.

Now, you can see what closer Heath Bell repeatedly talked about leading up to the Opening Night. Bell says players can use adrenaline for them or against them. They have to channel their emotions the right way.

It’s just two games, and nothing right now — good or bad — should be over analyzed too much.

That is, unless the negative trend continues.

Joe Frisaro


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