John Buck breaking out stylish catchers helmet

MIAMI — Marlins Park, with its bright colors and futuristic design, is certainly a work of art.

As the Miami Marlins prepare for a historic Opening Night, let’s also give some style points to John Buck for the design of his fashionable catchers helmet.

For years, Buck has sported some of the flashiest helmets worn by any catcher in the big leagues. This year, he took it to another level.

Like his rebranded team, Buck’s 2012 helmet is all about Miami. There’s bright colors and images of buildings and palm trees.

Along the right side of the helmet is the Miami skyline. And on the left side is an image of Buck’s own jeep driving down South Beach. The skyline photo was taken by Marlins photographer Kelly Gavin, who shot the picture from the press box.

At Marlins Park, the city of Miami can be seen in the distance, beyond the wall in left field.

Buck brought some images to the designer and gave specifics on what he wanted in the helmet.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria selected colors for the team that represent Miami. The red-orange is for the sunsets. The blue is for the sky,  the yellow for the sunshine, and the green are for the grass and trees.

Buck’s helmet also displays his No. 14, as well as his initials, JB.

The Marlins open on Wednesday against the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals at 7:05 p.m. at Marlins Park.

The game will be televised nationally on ESPN.

Joe Frisaro


Hockey Goal Tenders have their own mask designs so why not Catchers. Let’s bring some color into the game

Not bad. Miami’s going a little “Oregon”, except it looks very Miami. Always cool to see new ideas.

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