Anchorman sequel, super duper news to Marlins

JUPITER, Fla. — Important breaking news in the world of entertainment was greeted with a big, “super duper!” in the Marlins clubhouse.

There will be an “Anchorman” sequel.

Will Ferrell, in character as Ron Burgundy and playing a jazz flute, made the announcement on “Conan” on Wednesday night.

“This made my day that much better,” said Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison, a huge fan of the 2004 original, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”

Morrison, who often quotes and Tweets lines from the movie, felt like shouting the news out to the rest of the Marlins clubhouse on Thursday morning.

“I want to stop everybody and tell them,” Morrison said. “Excuse me, every one! I have a very important announcement to make. There’s an Anchorman 2 coming out!”

Like lines from the TV series, “Seinfeld,” “Anchorman” is a pop culture sensation.

Morrison frequently will quote lines from the movie.

“I ended a ‘Billy Bunch’ kids TV show with, ‘Stay classy, Miami,’ ” Morrison said. “When it’s really hot out and I’m stretching, I’ll say, ‘Milk was a bad choice.’ ”

Morrison on occasion has even gone into a Ron Burgundy voice to impress the ladies.

“Yeah, I do,” he laughed. “But usually it’s with girls that I know, so they don’t think I’m a total idiot. I’ll say, ‘my apartment smells of rich mahogany. and I’ve read many leather-bound books.’ ”

Joe Frisaro

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I was just as excited to hear the news. Anchorman is my favorite Will Ferrell movie. Just watched “Casa de mi Padre” last night. It had some good moments.

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