Mujica unveils ‘Sup Girl’ shirts

JUPITER, Fla. — A new batch of custom made t-shirts have arrived at Marlins camp.

Courtesy of reliever Edward Mujica, seven red-orange t-shirts that sport “Sup Girl” and a sketch of half a baseball on the front were handed out on Tuesday morning. On the back is the players nickname and number.

Mujica will have the rest of the shirts printed up after the 25-man roster is set.

“That’s my favorite phrase ever,” said Mujica, one of the fun-loving players in the clubhouse. “Sup, how you doin’? The shirt is like baseball, and my favorite [saying]. I want to get everybody’s nickname, and make 18 more t-shirts.”

On the back of Mujica’s shirt is No. 34 and “Muji.”

Lefty reliever Mike Dunn, who shaves his head, will have a shirt that reads, “Calvo,” Spanish for bald.

Mujica is the latest to custom make t-shirts for the club.

Earlier in camp, Emilio Bonifacio introduced “lo viste” — which means, see that? — shirts.

The players frequently wear the t-shirts under their uniforms, or to work out in before and after games.

Joe Frisaro



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