Marlins lineup vs. Red Sox

JUPITER, Fla. — Wade LeBlanc, who is competing for a long relief role, will take the mound on Saturday against the Red Sox at Roger Dean Stadium.

With the Marlins heading out of town on Sunday and Monday, the club is resting most of its regulars on Saturday.

MARLINS vs. RED SOX, Saturday

1) Bonifacio, CF

2) Coghlan, LF

3) Sanchez, 1B

4) Buck, C

5) Kearns, RF

6) Murphy, 3B

7) Solano, 2B

8) Green SS

9) LeBlanc, P

The regulars will be traveling to Port Charlotte on Sunday to face the Rays. The team is spending a night on the road, and they will face the Tigers on Monday at Lakeland.


1) Reyes, SS

2) Bonifacio, CF

3) Ramirez, 3B

4) Sanchez, 1B

5) Buck, C

6) Infante, 2B

7) Rowand, LF

8) Petersen, RF

9) Johnson, P

On Sunday at Lakeland against the Tigers, Mark Buehrle is set to start.

Joe Frisaro

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