Marlins featured on MLB Network

JUPITER, Fla. — Some more national attention is being given to the Marlins.

At 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, Miami is being featured on the MLB Network’s 30 Clubs in 30 Days series.

The one-hour show is being hosted by Greg Amsinger, who will be joined by analysts John Hart and Al Leiter.

There also will be a segment of Josh Johnson talking with John Smoltz.

Here are some soundbites that will air tonight:

Logan Morrison on Ozzie Guillen:

“Love him.  He’s going to tell you how it is…You don’t walk away wondering if he’s telling you the truth or not.  He’s not gonna pull any punches and he is really enthusiastic about the game of baseball, and that’s awesome.”

Josh Johnson on what he learned from his injury:

“I think the main thing is this game is so fragile.  As soon as you get away from it, you definitely tell how much you miss it and how easy it can be taken from you just like that.  I love this game.  I’ve wanted to be a big league ballplayer since I was three years old.”

Ozzie Guillen on Hanley Ramirez:

“Hanley has got a chance to be MVP.  I don’t think right now he’s going to win a Gold Glove, but he has a great chance to do it because he’s a good athlete and has lots of abilities.”

John Hart on Hanley Ramirez:

“Hanley Ramirez, offensively, is exactly what you want as a three-hole hitter.  Number one, he can still run, he can still move, so this guy can go.  He hits the ball out of the ballpark.  He squares balls up.  He makes loud contact.  He hits home runs to all parts of the park.  They have what I consider to be a prototype number three hitter.  I think he’s gonna handle the move to third base.

Al Leiter on Hanley Ramirez moving to third base:

“Yes, there was probably a little bit of a pride thing of, ‘Wait a minute, I’m a shortstop.  I know Jose Reyes is a great player.’  But, he’s starting to realize that this is gonna potentially prolong his career, going to third base, less taxing on his body [versus] the versatility needed as a shortstop, as you know.  I think really, now, he’s looking at this lineup and he’s a number three hole hitter with [Emilio] Bonifacio and Jose Reyes at the top.  You talk about the RBI potential of what could happen on this team with having Hanley Ramirez as three and then Giancarlo Stanton as four.”

Al Leiter on the Marlins’ offseason:

“No team in baseball, in my opinion, did as much as what the Marlins have done here.  Yes, in payroll, yes, adding two starters that potentially could be great, they have a closer and one of the most exciting players in the game.  I think [with] that balance of what they added and the young players that they have, this is going to be a very exciting ball club.”

Joe Frisaro

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