Ice cream! Heath Bell ice cream, here!

You don’t have to remind Marlins closer Heath Bell that baseball is a game.

Sure, it’s serious business when the hard-throwing right-hander is trying to lock down the final outs in the ninth inning. But Bell also understands that he is part of another kind of business — the entertainment business.

Like last year, when Bell decided to slide into the mound when he was called upon at the All-Star Game. It’s all done in good fun.

So it’s easy to see why Bell was amused and excited to get a special t-shirt in the mail the other day.

Bell received a “Heath Bell Ice Cream” t-shirt. No, Bell isn’t in the ice cream business. He’s just the focus of someone being creative, and looking to sell a few t-shirts.

On Twitter, @HeathBell21, he tweeted: “I love ice cream and sliding into the mound last year was pretty awesome. So this T-shirt is pretty sweet.”

A self-proclaimed big kid, Bell had no problems putting on the shirt and posing for pictures to the Marlins’ beat reporters.

If you Google search, “Heath Bell ice cream” you will get more info on how to get your very own shirt, the one just like the real Heath Bell is wearing.

Joe Frisaro

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