Lo viste t-shirts arrive at camp

JUPITER, Fla. — The first batch of “Lo viste” shirts have arrived at Marlins camp.

Courtesy of Emilio Bonifacio, a limited supply of red-orange t-shirts were passed around to some teammates, as well as manager Ozzie Guillen.

Lo viste, Spanish for “See that?”, has become a catch-phrase in the Marlins’ clubhouse. It’s caught on with the players, who give the lo viste sign, which is two fingers forming a sideways “V” over one eye.

Bonifacio has popularized it with teammates, Jose Reyes, Omar Infante, and others.

Now, whenever a player makes a big play or hit, they flash the lo viste sign.

Fans attending Marlins’ camp are getting into lo vista mania.

The other day, a 4-year-old on a back field approached Bonifacio and did the lo viste, fingers around the eye move.

Showtime has picked up on it during their filming of “The Franchise.”

The lo viste shirts sport a drawing of a eye, spaced between two fingers. On the back is, “Lo viste.”

Bonifacio is having a bunch of black lo viste shirts being made for everyone on the team.

Joe Frisaro




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i love you bony. hope u play some infield love to watch u. got a nice picture of me and u the night before the unvailing in the tent for cocktails. i had a great greatt time.love my boys i am an 58 yo fan. never miss a game. you are like Amezinga so fun to watch

I think that this is my son. We were there on Sunday and he got filmed on camera. He really likes Bonifacio.

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