Lo viste mania sweeping Marlins camp

JUPITER, Fla. — Lo viste mania is sweeping through Marlins’ Spring Training.

It’s becoming a ritual after drills, sprints or any highlight moment.

Lo viste, Spanish for “did you see that?” emerged within the Marlins’ clubhouse last year. It started from some joking around between Emilio Bonifacio and Omar Infante.

Last July, Bonifacio was in the midst of a 26-game hitting streak. As the speedster was heating up, Infante told him, “You look good.”

Bonifacio replied: “Lo viste.” Did you see it?

Bonifacio added a hand signal to the phrase, where he spreads two fingers over one eye.

“Every time we do something good, we came up with that,” Bonifacio said.

After the players did sprints on Sunday morning, Bonifacio and Reyes turned to each other, slapped hands and then did their lo viste salute.

Last year, Bonifacio had lo viste t-shirts made up, and he wore them in the clubhouse.

“We did it last year, but we didn’t do it all the time because we were losing,” Bonifacio said.

In Spring Training, Bonifacio has the entire team making lo viste signs. At a team party on Saturday night at the Marlins new ballpark, owner Jeffrey Loria, his wife Julie, and a number of players posed for a picture. Everyone was doing lo viste.

Bonifacio posted the picture on his @Elboni_1 Twitter account, and posted a #loviste hashtag.

“I think that can bring the team closer together,” Bonifacio said.

Now that the Marlins have new uniforms, Bonifacio has ordered a bunch of lo viste t-shirts, complete with the team colors.

Manager Ozzie Guillen asked for one.

“Even Ozzie wants a t-shirt,” Bonifacio said. “So he can wear it when talking to you guys [media].”

Joe Frisaro


LOVE it!

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