Getting double play option in order

JUPITER, Fla. — Much has been made over how Hanley Ramirez will handle third base along side Jose Reyes.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen doesn’t see many problems of the adjustments on the left-side of the infield. He is actually more concerned with how the double play combination of Reyes and Omar Infante will play out.

“I worry more about Jose and Infante, the shortstop and second baseman,” Guillen said. “I heard Jose tell Hanley, ‘Just make sure you guard the line, I got the rest.’ That’s nice to hear that. Hanley is a great athlete. I don’t think he’s going to have any problems moving out there.”

Some more observations from Thursday:

* Ozzie isn’t completely locked into batting Emilio Bonifacio second. The manager is keeping the door open for Infante to also hit in the two hole.

The manager is keeping his options open, so people will not be surprised if Infante is hitting second when the Grapefruit League games start.

* Speed promises to be a major part of the lineup. Reyes, Bonifacio and Ramirez are base stealing threats. Ozzie wants to see others in the lineup run, just to give other teams something to think about.

“I’m not going to say, Gaby Sanchez is going to steal 30 bases, but why not, 10?” Guillen said.

Guillen wants opposing teams to have something to think about.

Speed can used in ways other than stealing bases.

“Speed is like, going from first to third,” Guillen said. “Scoring from first base on a double.”

Joe Frisaro  

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