Hanley talks about playing third

MIAMI — At last, Hanley Ramirez shed some light publicly on whether he is willing to move to third base.

Much has been made over the position shift since the Marlins signed free agent shortstop Jose Reyes.

In recent weeks, Ramirez had not publicly endorsed the change, nor did he say he wouldn’t switch from shortstop to third.

The three-time All-Star did talk recently with manager Ozzie Guillen about the switch.

Ramirez offered this comment to Dionisio Soldevila of The Associated Press: “I’ve talked with Guillen, and what we both want is to win with the Marlins. When January arrives, we’ll see what happens with the position change and everything else. If it’s at third, fine. Wherever they put me, I’ll do it in order to win.”

Changing positions is one challenge for Ramirez right now. The 28-year-old also continues to rehab his left shoulder, which required surgery in September.

Ramirez says his shoulder is 95 percent healed.

Joe Frisaro

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