Hanley’s hitting timetable

MIAMI — What position Hanley Ramirez plays remains in question. When the Marlins three-time All-Star resumes hitting drills, however, isn’t.

Recovering from left shoulder surgery, Ramirez said that he will begin swinging a bat in January.

Hanley Ramirez talks to reporters Thursday.

Ramirez continues to rehab from the procedure done on his shoulder in September. He has been conditioning and training in South Florida, and he attended Thursday night’s Fish and Chips fundraiser for the Marlins Community Foundation at the Marlins new ballpark.

A shortstop since he was a child, Ramirez may find himself being asked to move to third base if the Marlins sign free agent Jose Reyes.

Asked about a the possibilty of playing third, Ramirez said: “I’m a shortstop right now, so I don’t know. I consider myself a shortstop.”

If the Marlins were to sign Reyes, Ramirez welcomes the addition of another All-Star.

“Definitely, we want to win,” Ramirez said. “I think he would be a good move for the Marlins.”

As for his own recovery from surgery, Ramirez is eager to get back hitting.

“In January,” he said of his timeline. “I’ve got to wait a couple of more weeks.”

In the meantime, he is doing a lot of range of motion and strength training.

“I’m lifting, and working on my range of motion, and getting stronger,” Ramirez said. “That’s the main thing. The surgery was good. No pain. Everything is going fine.”

Joe Frisaro

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