Why Stanton doesn’t showboat

DENVER — We’re seeing the tremendous power and monstrous home runs out of Mike Stanton. He has 28 blasts this year and 50 in his career.

What we don’t see is the 21-year-old slugger standing at home plate, bat-flipping and admiring his tape-measured shots.

In his second year and his first full big league season, Stanton doesn’t feel he has enough time in the game to do anything to draw additional attention to himself.

So when he unloads on his big blasts, he simply drops the bat and runs. On those shots he isn’t sure have a chance, he is hustling, just in case the ball doesn’t clear the fence.

What would it take for Stanton to “pimp” a home run?

“If they threw at me, for no reason,” he said. “Or to intimidate me or whatever, then I will. If I’m upset about something.”

Another time he would show more excitement is if it is a walk-off homer.

“Other than that, there is no need to,” he said.

Stanton also is mindful that he doesn’t want to be embarrassed if he thinks a ball is gone and it isn’t.

“I never want that pimp to hit the top of the wall and me get thrown out at second,” Stanton said. “I’d rather have 100 non-pimps than to have something happen.”

Joe Frisaro

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